Backpack Insert

This is a lightweight backpack insert made to carry a camera and superzoom lens. This insert has been designed for the Sony a9, a9ii, a7riii or the a1 with the Sony 200-600 plus the TC1.4 adapter attached.

Download the pdf file and adjust the dimensions to fit your own equipment.

The backpack is the Aarn Natural Exhilaration which has front pouches than can be used for carrying additional camera and lenses or food and water. I can highly recommend the Aarn backpacks, they are super comfortable and the sliding shoulder strap design means the backpack does not sway from side to side as you walk making for a much more comfortable stroll.

In addition the front pouches allow for more even front/back weight distribution and more upright walking stance. Makes going for a hike feel like going for a walk.