Quick Comparison

D850 vs a7Riii vs a7Riv vs a9

The objective is to see what differences there are when images are resized to the same resolution of 6000px wide. This is to simulate images being resized to fit on a typical 5K display, which is probably higher resolution than most people would have access to.

These are cropped images from the original images that were all resized to the same 6000px width before being cropped. Raw image adjustments were made to the white balance to match grey colors as closely as possible.

Not a lot in it between these. The a9 clearly at a disadvantage with the lower resolution.

My rating based on pixel peeping the legibility of the text:

  1. Sony A7Riv
  2. Nikon D850
  3. Sony A7Riii
  4. Sony A9

Combo Comparison

D850+500PF+TC1.4 vs a9+200-500

The objective is to see how these compare in terms of sharpness at the long end. In practice there is not much in it between them, they both look very sharp. It was hazy and they are about 4km away. Bear in mind the Nikkor 500PF is double the price of the Sony 200-600.

My rating based on the sharpness of the crane cable at 4 kilometers and the ability to see the cable strand detail at 100 meters. All shots are hand held:

  1. Nikon D850+500PF+TC1.4
  2. Sony A9+200-600

The small insets are the Sony a7Riii+200-600+TC1.4. Definitely not as sharp as the Nikon but perhaps not quite the right settings.

Combo Photos

D850+500PF+TC1.4 and a9+200-500

Some photos from these combos. What's not to like!

Camera Resolution

a9 vs a7Riii

A comparison of the resolution. a9 images have been Topaz AI denoised.

a9 @ 840mm

a9 + 200-600 + TC1.4

Samples taken with a9 at 840mm and, in some cases, post processing with Topaz DeNoise AI.

Sony Alpha 1 Autofocus

a1 + 200-600 + TC1.4

Videos showing the a1 autofocus in action.

Sony Alpha 1 vs Canon R5 Autofocus Accuracy

a1 + 200-600 and R5 + 100-500

The exact same sequence shot at the same time from the same location. 1/4000s at 430mm with 20fps on the Canon and 30fps on the Sony.

A1vsR5 Sequence