RAW Editor

Quick Start

This is a macOS 11 compatible application with native support for Intel and Apple Silicon (M1).

Install the application by downloading the ZIP file, unzipping the file and copy the RAW application to the 'Applications' folder.

Note the following:

  1. The application does not copy files from their original location. You should organise your RAW image folders in a way that will suit your workflows.
  2. The aplication does not modify the original files in any way. Adjustments and crop settings are stored in the RAW application database, independently of the original image files.
  3. The original RAW image files must be available to the RAW application if you wish to apply adjstments to them and view or export the resulting image. Make sure that any network or external drives are attached and mounted on your workstation prior to opening RAW.
  4. To load images into RAW click the + at the bottom of the folder list in the sidebar. Select the folder containing the image you would like to edit.
  5. Now select the images in the browser that you wish to import and click the 'Import' button in the toolbar. Enter the required metadata and click the "Import" button.
  6. To list the imported images select the metadata categories from the sidebar folders option.
  7. Select an image from the browser and make the required RAW or standard adjustments. Note that the browser shows the image from the RAW file thumbnail and does not show any edits that have been made.
  8. Click and draw the mouse to set the cropping area. Currently the crop is fixed at 16:9 aspect ration. Custom cropping can be done on the exported image if required.
  9. If you wish to clear the RAW database then delete the files found in the '~/Library/Application Support/au.com.ossh.raw/'' folder. Similarly if you wish to make a backup of the database simply close the RAW application and make a copy of the 'default.realm' file in the above folder.

Apologies for the lack of documentation. Send me an email if you need any assistance. If there is sufficient interest I might consider implementing additional features.